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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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if there's anybody that i have not called, please fill out a card here so we can get your name and if anyone else wants to speak please come forward because we're going to be closing public comment very soon. so next speaker? >> good afternoon. i'm mattie guard from the lost block. thank you very much for hearing us. i appreciate this. this probably isn't your favorite way to spend a friday afternoon. >> the lost block? >> the lost block is the 12 buildings that will be sharing a block with st. luke's new hospital. i appreciate what st. luke's has done to work with us in
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minimizing the impact. we have several people who keep home businesses and they work very hard to keep us from having to relocate our businesses and minimize the amount of construction noise and all that so i very much appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is benjamin uny. i'm c.e.o. of safety net health organization headquartered in san francisco called operation access and we work with the community clinics who each low income unininsured people. we have a network of 30-something hospitals and over 1,100 medical volunteers that provide the free care. a know a number of opponents have suggested that cpmc is not doing enough when it comes to community benefit or charity care, but i'm here to support the rebuild for that very reason and i'm going to summarize my comments with four numbers. 11, 27, 500 and 5 million.
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for the last 11 years, cpmc has partnered with operation access to provide donated care. there are 27 surgeons that volunteer at cpmc to provide that care. since we've been partnering with cpmc, over 500 patients have received needed care. that's improved their health and ability to work and quality of life. 5le many, the amount of charity care now exceeds $5 million. in summary, i strongly support the rebuild. it's not only going to create jobs, improve the economy, strengthen health care delivery, but continue to strengthen and enhance the community benefit that's provided but cpmc. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? >> good afternoon.
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thank you, mayor and supervisors. my name is stephanie moore and i'm the director of operations for the health care center at cpmc and i strongly support rebuilding cpmc. i've been an employee at cpmc for the last 10 years and a proud member of the st. luke's family fothe last three kwleers. it's a state charter primary clinic and provides services regardless of its ability to payment many of our patients are second and third-generation families that have accessed our hospital and clinic for services. st. luke's has a great reputation for providing high quality care and we pride ourselves for keeping patients safe. that's why it's important we revitalize the st. luke's campus. our patients deserve a safe hospital, state of the art technology. our family, our patient, employees, and physicians, as
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well as our community deserve a new and reviolate liesed home. i urge you to support cpmc to rebuild today. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? >> thank you, members of the board of supervisors for hearing this important item. my name is tara ray. i'm a patient relations coordinator at cpmc. i'm a longtime resident of san francisco. i strongly support cpmc's plan to build the two earthquake safe hospitals, and my role as a patient relations coordinator allows me to see our staff doing an incredible job within the limits of our presence facilities. our nurses and other staff work hard to ensure patient safety every day in the small, outdated rooms. the proposed new facilities
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would alleviate these concerns and many others. it would ensure the citizens of san francisco ha health access within the city. in 2008 following a minor knee surgery, an emergency room physician looked beyond the symptoms i presented with and ordered tests that showed i had a pull monoari embo lie, which likely saved my life. i had the ability to interact as a patient. i was lucky enough not to have a semiprivate room but could appreciate how difficult this would be. every day i see our staff make a difference in the lives of our patients and families. every day i'm thankful that cpmc and our topnotch staff was here in san francisco when i
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needed that they want i've been an employee at cpmc for 15 years and look forward to working there nor many years to come. the approval of this plan has been delayed for too long. please approve this today. >> thank you, ms. ray. next speaker? >> thank you, members of the boards of supervisors. my name is deborah edelman. i'm here with the march of dimes. i'm here to volleys our support in rebuilding cpmc. the marnl of dimes is a national organization with offs and staff working in san francisco. we are dedicated to prevent birth defect, premature birth and infant mortality. cpmc has been a ha march of dimes partner for many years, helping women have healthy pregnancies and healthy children.
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the march of dimes is here today to speak on behalf of cpmc as a long-standing community partner with whom we have collaborated on countless projects with over the years for mothers and babies in the bay area. in particular we would like to underscore cpmc's support of the march of dimes premature campaign and for our annual walks, which works hard to prevent premature births. we thank the colorado medical center for their support and community service to improve the health of women, infants and children in the bay area and support their efforts to rebuild. >> i was a premature baby so i think of preemies like me and new ones in the community. next speaker? >> i'm with the electrical
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workers union sixth in san francisco. i'm a fifth-generation san franciscan, resident of st. luke's hospital. i'd just like to say that i represent 2,500 electricians of both sexes and all races and many san francisco residents and bay area residents alike and all of us have suffered unemployment in the last four years. no matter what zip code we lived in and we all need to have jobs for us to survive and for us to continue to live and work here in san francisco. i ask you not only to let this project go forward, but to look towards yourself and look towards the largest employer with the city, the city and county itself, to move local hiring to its own cycles and look at m.t.a. and d.p.w. and look at every other part of the city as being a leader in the
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local hiring ordinance problem and the local hire and take that on yourself before you ask that to be a burden of construction trade or of any private sector. until you're willing to point that finger and look at the four fingers pointing back at the city that they should be the ones responsible for putting san francisco back to work. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> thank you for your time. my name is top post. -- tom movements i work as a program coordinator for pep jobs and we're a program within cpmc. we help people with leprosy find employment. i do support the program for cpmc. i think it's going to bring state of the art technology and better patient care. i think san francisco is a world-class city and i do not believe right now it has a world-class medical facility. i believe that this prodget
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will address that. this is an enormous project. it's inevitable that people are going to oppose it. but i think at the end of the day when you add up all the pluses and minuses, the pluses of this project far surpass the negatives. thank you. >> thank you, mr. post. mr. hwang? >> good afternoon. supervisor cohen and supervisor moore. it's good too see you. thank you for allowing me to speak today on behalf of this very important item. i'm an i.b.w. local six member. i work and live here in san francisco. today i stand in front of you speaking in favor of repealing the cpmc. i.b.w. local six has committed to provide a career path for san francisco residents for over 100 years and we are -- because we are a part of the
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community. today we continue our commitment, work closely with city build, crrment. a.a. and other -- c.a.a. and other community-based organizations in order to bring more qualified applicants to our program. review cpmc will provide opportunities for such applicants. we as building trades, already to make -- are ready to make hospitals in san francisco seismic safe. please put our members back to work, and i ask you to support this project and moving forward. thank you. >> up the. mr. san, we already called your name. so i'm going to read the last cards and if anyone else can come forward -- [reading names] next speaker? ma'am? >> i would hike to start by thanking the members of the
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board of supervisors for sticking around to make sure we all got to get our comments in. my name is emily. i'm a joranman wireman and a business representative for the international brother hood of electrical workers, local six. i was born and raised in san francisco. i live in twin peeks. for the people i love and all the people that come to san francisco for medical care, it is of the utmost importance to begin construction on a seismically sound hospital now. on monday, a group returned to install a new generator at a hospital that they rewired a year and a half ago. it's an amazing display of kindness, doing right by those in need and having a skilled trailed you love. rebuilding cpmc would provide my brothers and sisters with the opportunity to build a safe, seismically sound and
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advanced medical facility. rebuilding cpmc would allow our journeymen to get back to work, have pride in what they do and pass on their skills. san francisco joint ring the academy ask committed to providing the highest level of training. we've opened doors for city participants to come in and be exposed to be a -- what a union apprenticeship has to offer. this would be a great opportunity for those trying to get hours to become journeymen. it would give hope to our members still waiting on the out of work list for their chance to get back to work. please vote in support of cpmc. thanks. >> thanks. next speaker? >> good afternoon. my name is richard manning.
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i'm a retired -- living in san francisco for 32 years and i am a volunteer at the ralph k. davies medical center. but before i make my comments, i would like to direct something at you, sir. i think you deserve some kind of award, a stamina award for sitting here for the last six years listening to us. beall -- we all appreciate that. >> that's right. >> anyway, scientists predict the big one is a matter of time, an 8.0 or larger here in the bay area. is the bay area equipped to handle a disaster like this? i think not. the city of san francisco needs to lead the way as it has so many times in the past. san francisco is a leading center on the west coast and it will remain so. so continue that leadership now and in the future we need a
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first rate medical center, one that is ready to meet the challenges not for the city but for the entire bay area. great cities are measured not just by their famous museums or monuments but by the institutions they serve. in a city like san francisco, we are fortunate to have such an insurance institution, cpmc. we need everyone in this room, in this building, in this city, to stand behind cpmc in its endeavor to build a medical center of the future and for the future. now is the time, this is the place. cpmc is our future. tough. >> thank you, mr. manning. mr. fercudo? >> good afternoon. supervisors. i started watching proceedings at 10:00, had time to go shopping, go to berkeley and come back and here you are. so good work.
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the city needs cpmc. we understand that the need for seismically safe hospitals -- the coalition understand that is we need jobs. we need jobs for the city workers. and another important thing is that the feeling is that the health care master plan should be a vital component that should be completed before cpmc proveeds. -- proceeds. the city does not know exactly the needs of the city as far as health care hospitals are concerned. we don't need all the hospitals concentrated in certain sect oishes of the city. now going on. the coalition feels that a small erven is project and a larger st. luke's project will best serve the needs of the city in future. as far as the job guarantees are concerned. 40 jobs per year? that's not very much and it's
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been said many, many times that cpmc is one of the largest employers in the city. and 40 jobs per year? that's sort of embarrassing, i would think. you might put one more zero there. make it real. i think supervisor chiu and other supervisors who have mentioned that, keep mentioning is that for just the low end? are there more skilled licensed professionals? those should be included but 40 jobs per year that is unacceptable. that needs to be increased. the rebuild has to be done. whether as it is or with a new plan with a small erven is project and a larger st. luke's project, i think that's the way it should be. >> thank you. next speaker? >> thanks, supervisors, and ♪
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supervisor march for listening to the -- mar for listening to the land use show thanks to supervisor mar for listening to the board land use show but we do need a hospital star show and it will be better don't you know you won't be denied budget, money and jobs abide and we do need a money show we don't want it we better make it better today say lay, lady lay lay across your west sutter west bay stay, lady stay stay because the expensive night is still ahead your st. luke psychiatrist is
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going to get you mighty clean and it's the best hospital you've ever seen stay, lady stay stay across your sutter way bed bed. and ♪ st. luke's luke's luke's duke of earl, earl, earl unfurl those pearls, pearls, pearls boys and girls boys and girls and you'll make it better, better hospital world, world, world and it will come your way in a hur and ♪ i found my bills and money thrills on ca need a hospital hill and you made it better still and i thank for all you do and you still will ♪
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>> what timing. thank you, walter. [applause] mr. sang? >> hi, good afternoon, honorable supervisors. i'm representing -- foundation. the cpmc project is going to be -- with the booming population in san francisco is soon going to catch up with all the hospitals and recently several i had a friend who had a heart attack. every hospital is always filled. we need additional hospitals in the city and cpmc has always offered excellent service, the best you can think of in the city, other than trauma center of san francisco general, of course. they're still one of the best hospitals in the city so please put that project retro fitting if only for the safety of the employees and for the patient as well so please approve this
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project. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to speak today. my name is lander miles. i am a volunteer on the front desk of cpmc's davies campus and have just come from there. i've been a neighbor of cpmc for 37 years, having lived within two blocks of first the pacific campus and now the california pam -- campus. in the early 1980's, the california campus was torn down and rebuilt. yes, there have been reconveniences. but a city needs its hospitals, schools, and churches. and it's always near a neighborhood. that is part of living in the city. i have found cpmc to be a good neighbor. our family became hospital volunteers when our doctor called to ask if our husband would join the board of st. luke's, which was in desire financial straits.
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i asked him to do whatever he could. there's no doubt that st. luke's would be just a memory if cpmc had not embraced it as a campus and there would not be an adequate hospital in the mission. my husband and i are also patients. having been shepherded through a bifert, emergencyies by its staff and physicians. my husband was ones again in the emergency room at davies at a bad fall a few weeks ago. he's fine. i doubt that i would be here speaking to you without the care of a plastic surgeon on the campus. let's make st. luke's, cathedral hill and davies campuses, world-class facilities as well, for those who come not only a -- only from the city, but across the
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u.s.a. and indeed the world. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker? >> good afternoon, period -- board of supervisors. thanks for this opportunity to speak with you this day. i was also going to give a karaoke version of my presentation but that was a hard act to follow. by name is ray jue. i am a native of san francisco, born and raised and lived here all my life. i'm going to talk about the personal aspects of why i support rebuilding cpmc. as a native of san francisco, my family and i have lived here for over three generations. we had choices to make about living the city but this is always home for us. it's very important as the community that we live in and that we serve in together that this continues. throughout three generations, my immediate family, my relatives, we have all been patients of cpmc at the four
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campuses throughout san francisco. weevepled like to see that continue with seismically safe hospitals that will be constructed that will withstand a major earthquake and will be here for another 100 years to carry on the legacy of cpmc as it did early on when plan? was still developing. on a professional level, i'd also like to provide full disclosure. i'm a member of the integrated project delivery team of sutter health and cpmc and what we're doing, in my role as an information technology project manager, we are designing and we're ready to construct the hospital of the future with the latest technology, making patient information secure available to our clinicians. when it comes to life and death situations, having that information available is critical for treating cardiac,
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for treating strokes and emergency room patients. i implore you, we can do this together with your vote and your support. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is -- and i'm a skipper in st. luke's hospital. i've been in the work area more than 10 years. since i've been working at st. luke's, we have encountered many problems because of the age of the hospital. last year the broiler broke for a month. there was no hot water to clean the food and dishes and sterilize the surgery instruments. we had to get thermal blankets and portable heaters to all the
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patients on cold winter nights. we also had other issues. parents had to be moved from their rooms because the rain leaking through the roof. in the past, the sewage line for the hospital broke. leaving us to work on the floor with sewage everywhere. everyone in our community, they deserve better than this. a new facility, people will be happy to come here and know that they will be comfortable and cared for. right now, we use the harsh chemical on the floor. the floor of the new hospital won't require waxing. this means statue and patients won't have to be breathing in the chemicals anymore. cpmc is proposing to build this
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hospital. i support the new hospital proposal because it will make the care we give those next speaker, if there's anybody else that is speaking, please come forward so we'll close after this gentleman. >> good morning. my name is pilar chiavo of the california nurses association. i want to touch on a few things that have been talked about today and follow up on paul kumar who mentioned the earthquake safety. it really is offensive for us to have people supporting cpmc and cpmc's line about earthquake safety when our nurses are working in those hospitals. our nurses want earthquake safe hospitals. and we have been actively lobbying for this legislation with them on the other side of us. on the other side consistently. and so when they come up here and act like they're pushing for this to move forward quickly because they want
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earthquake safety, when they have been on the other side pushing for delays after delays after delays, it is offensive. i'm sorry. i'm pregnant. i'm almost due. i'm mad. the other piece of it is, you know, how are you going to push for earthquake safety when you're trying to reduce the size of st. luke's hospital, which is one of the few hospitals that serves the southeast of the city, and then what, you're expecting everyone to come to a 10-story hospital in the middle of the city on the corner of vepies in the middle -- of venice in the middle of an earthquake disaster? you're kidding me that you expect people to get there. it's an excellent excuse to actually keep st. luke's at a larger size. the health care academy, even rhonda simmons is basically saying that this is outdated information. that when they started negotiating this agreement, they were basing it on what the city could do at that time. so it seems to justify that
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this agreement needs to be updated in terms of what the city can do, what work force development programs can do, and what jobs are actually available. these 40 jobs a year, 5% of the jobs that are going to be created is terrible. and it's not a construction project. this is a hospital. it's going to be here for decades. >> can i ask you about the comment about seismic safety delays and nurses supporting legislation that would speed up seismic improvements? but could you go into a little bit detail about that. >> we at the statewide level, we as an organization have consistently been advocating and lobbying in the capital to push for earthquake safety requirements. cpmc, sutter, through the health care -- their lobby arm of the -- health care or hospital association, has been opposing these and asking for